Wet Whistle Bar


Just want to give you some positive feedback – the new spinning instructor, Jenny, is AWESOME!  I love Megan and I look forward to her return but wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed Jenny.  Also, I just started participating in some yoga classes and absolutely love the instructor Corinne.  She subbed last week and it was such a treat to be in her class.  
Eileen L., Member

We started swimming lessons last week and the report was very good.  Ben came home and said to me, “I don’t exactly like my teacher”, so I thought, oh no another failure and he yelled, “ I LOVE HER!” 
Meghan Biko, son Ben age 6

I became a member 
of the club back in 2008, mostly to use its gym facilities. I know there less expensive options in my area, but as a person who hates to work out and prefers locally owned businesses, I find in the Abington Club a superb value. Plus, when you factor in all the hidden fees and constant up-sell of the big chain clubs, they don't really save you a whole lot of money and they certainly don't give you the family-friendly and helpful atmosphere you'll find at Abington. 
As mentioned, the Abington is an excellent option for families thanks to all the activities they plan. These include summer camp, Friday-night Kids Club, kids-only exercise classes, and especially the baby sitting -- something you definitely pay extra for at the chains. My daughter spent many hours there, and the staff is great with kids. 
The golf course is a real hidden gem. For member's it's only $10 to walk the course ($15 if you want a cart), and while only 9 holes, I appreciate it because if I go early enough, I can get in a quick round and be at my desk by 
10am. Also, it's almost a shame that more people don't use it, but I'm grateful because I never have to schedule a tee time. 
The pub that's part of it is also a great place for a beer and/or a meal. Over the past couple of years, the owners have done a great deal to upgrade the facility as well, and my monthly fee hasn't budged.
Randy G., Member
We love the Abington Club. A bunch of us meet there on Fridays for open swim and then get dinner at the Wet Whistle 
afterward. They are always so accommodating and friendly even when we show up with a bunch of kids. Definitely, recommend their chicken cheesesteak sandwich at the Wet Whistle.
Amanda G., Guest
This is a very nice gym. I have been going here off and on for about 7 years and I have always been pleased with the improvements they have made throughout the years. They stay current and up to date with their equipment. I prefer the gym before
10am it is virtually empty and a nice quiet workout. I enjoy the classes they offer and find them very challenging. I have not used the indoor pool, but in the summer I have used the outdoor pool and it is great (and you can grab lunch and a cocktail at The Wet Whistle upstairs!).
Aria M., Member